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  • Introducing New Spherical End Mills



    Morse Cutting Tools Spherical End Mills



    Curves Just Got Easier!

    For a wide range of applications including multi-axis machining, undercutting, deburring and many other operations in pre-hardened steels up to 45Rc hardness. We are stocked and ready to ship these out today. Click below for more details.


    ·        220 degree cutting arc    1/16" - 1/2"

    ·        270 degree cutting arc    1/32" - 1/2"

    ·        300 degree cutting arc    1/16" - 1/2"

    ·        Micrograin carbide

    ·        nACo coated

    ·        2 & 4 flute


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    It's Time to Re-Think Synthetics: Introducing SynMAX™ Coolants



    Full Synthetic Metalworking Fluids that Outperform Soluble Oils & Semi-synthetics on Steel and Aluminum

    Ongoing research and development in improved additive chemistry has led to a breakthrough in synthetic coolants!

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    New Innovations - Build Smarter




    New Turning Solutions
    Powerful, reliable tooling for your production line



    CA025P Action

    CA025P Inserts


    CA025P CVD Coated Carbide for Steel
    NEW Positive Inserts Added to Lineup

    Kyocera Precision Tools has expanded the popular CA025P CVD coated carbide series for steel turning to include all new positive insert styles. The next generation CA025P series features multi-layer CVD coatings with a layer using a thick film of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) for excellent heat resistance. These new cutting tools can accommodate a wide range of machining applications from roughing to finishing by using a wide variety of chipbreakers.

    Learn more at www.kyoceraprecisiontools.com/CA025P/


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    PR0-Series Action

    PR0-Series Inserts


    PR0-Series for Heat-Resistant Alloy Turning
    NEW SG Chipbreaker for Roughing

    Expanded insert lineup for heat-resistant alloys with new SG chipbreaker for general purpose roughing applications. The PR0-Series turning insert grades provide stable and consistent performance in multiple applications. Improved coating thermal properties help to reduce sudden fractures and decrease wear at the cutting edge. Maintain low cutting forces with the new SG chipbreaker design.

    Learn more at www.kyoceraprecisiontools.com/PR0/


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    PR1535 Action

    PR1535 Inserts


    PR1535 for Heat-Resistant Alloy,
    Titanium Alloy, and Stainless Steel Turning
    NEW SG Chipbreaker for Roughing

    Kyocera announces new inserts added to the popular PR1535 insert grade lineup for heat-resistant alloy, titanium alloy, and stainless steel. New inserts include the SG chipbreaker for multi-purpose roughing applications. Designed to reduce sudden fracturing during scale removal and interrupted machining, PR1535 is a tough and reliable choice for a wide range of turning applications.


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    PDL025 Holders

    PDL010 Inserts


    PDL010 / PDL025 for Aluminum Machining
    NEW PDL010 for Finishing Applications

    DLC coated carbide for aluminum turning, cut-off, milling, and boring operations. Achieve long tool life with a hardness close to that of diamond using Kyocera’s proprietary hydrogen-free DLC coating. The new PDL010 grade has been introduced to cover a wider range of finishing applications while the PDL025 continues to outperform competitors in general purpose aluminum applications. Excellent surface finish is maintained with aluminum welding resistance and provides stable machining with improved chip evacuation.


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