Unique Sales Opportunities


Our unique business model means unique sales opportunities for you!

Are you currently in industrial sales? Working with some kind of commission plan that stared out good but now has no potential for growth? Perhaps you want to retire and would like to earn a little extra? Maybe you are "rocking and rolling" but wouldn't mind getting a 50% salary boost? Well, Mach 5 Supply might just be for you. Our business model uses subcontracted sales engineers. You are your own boss because you run your own business! We contract you to sell while we take care of all the office functions. This leaves you free to do what you do best - sell! 

Can you run a full industrial sales business yourself? Of coarse you can but from my years of experience it's 8 hours of selling followed by 5 hours of paperwork -- everyday! Mach 5 Supply removes that heavy paperwork burden.


  • You are paid a gross commission less a percentage.
  • No maximum earning potential - the sky's the limit!
  • Work as hard as you like.
  • No phone call looking for more sales - more sales - more sales.
  • No reports, no meetings with the boss, no new commission plans designed to pay you less.
  • Get the tax benefits of having your own business.
  • Easy and low cost (~$25.00) business setup with a DBA (Does Business As)
  • Foolproof reporting assures you are paid accurately.

Interested? if so, call or drop us a line at the numbers below. 


We can be reached at:

Mach 5 Supply LLC
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Phone: 781-924-1610
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