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We are a women owned New England based company. We supply industrial products and services for manufacturers and home energy systems for consumers designed to reduce energy costs.

Our Industrial Supply Division specializes in cutting tools, abrasives, measuring tools, coolants, lubricants, safety products and machining services. We can supply you with any product you need for your operations. Our suppliers are based in the United States and around the world.

Our Green Energy Division provides green technology Freewatt co-generation systems for the home. These systems heat the home and provide half of the electrical needs for free.We also provide new Anti-Idle technology which provides power to police, utility, service, EMS, hydraulic boom and long haul vehicles. These sysrems typically save about 3 gallons of fuel per shift while reducing CO2 and NOx emmisions. 

Can green technologies save you money?

For manufacturers, reducing cycle time by employing the latest in manufacturing technologies and processes can reduce energy costs involved with part manufacture. This not only increases your profits but increases machine utilization, allowing you to produce more parts in the same amount of time.

For consumers, utilizing cogeneration technologies with our new Freewatt home energy system will allow you to produce heat and electricity from one fuel. This will reduce your annual electricity costs by one half and carbon dioxide emissions to produce that electricity by 6000lbs/year!


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